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Management Team

Mr. Vijay Gosavi, began his career as a Leader & Developer in various corporate companies across the India. He has worked also in the field of property dealing/real estate since 2009. He has been create history in this field after make 2000 satisfied customer base in land property. He is leading very successful a real estate company. A visionary Mr. Gosavi realized that working for any other organization can be an obstacle in achieving big dreams. Hence he took a decision to start his own enterprise. An expert in CRM and Retailing - Mr. Gosavi formed a company named “Westricca Ventures Private Limited” in 2018. Very soon this company started creating it’s customer base across the country. With its unique marketing program and innovative retail formats Westricca expanded beyond boundaries. Today Westricca has a strong base in field of spagyric & agriculture products.

A perfectionist Mr. Vijay Gosavi Sir has always looked for perfection in everything he or his company does. He has been a trend setter for every industry he had worked in. His performance has been recognized by one and all.