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Westagro – Plant Care

Main Features: Colour - Brown, Gel

  • “Westagro – Plant Care” is seaweed gel fertilizer, a natural bio product, non-toxic and completely biodegradable product.
  • It is useful for all crops and plants at any stage of growth.  
  • It enhances availability and uptake of soil nutrients.
  • It increases the immune power of the plant.

Benifits :

  • “Westagro – Plant Care” increases the yield of the crop substantially.
  • It helps in increasing quantity of white roots, size of leaves, size and quality of fruits and quantity of flowers.
  • It improves the uptake of nutrients through the roots.
  • It increases the micro-organisms in the soil.
  • It increases the immune power of the plant.

Application :

  • Dilute this seaweed gel in the ratio of 2% - 3% and apply as spray on the crops
  • 2% = 1 Kg seaweed gel in 200 litre water.
  • 3% = 1 Kg seaweed gel in 300 litre water.
  • For best time for spraying the fertilizers on the leaves of plant is late evening to early morning.