Business Proposal

Our business solutions are designed around the real needs of businesses, our information resources, tools and consulting services will help your businesses be compliant, solve business problems and realize new business opportunities.

Our consultants’ team is composed of internal staff and consultants with whom we have long-term work relationships and who share our commitment.

Make a right choice:

Career growth depends on the right choice of the organization, one which provides integrated work- life experience; where you come every day to work not because you have to come but because you feel like coming. The growth and success of any organization is directly related to its human Capital. Every people invests and contributes to the phenomenal success of the organization.

Work at your Pace:

The milestones that Westricca Ventures Pvt. Ltd have achieved is all because of the people who strive hard and work particularly just to make sure everything is how it should be. Westricca’s gives you the perfect space to learn, grow and exercise your expertise. Commitment, Transparency, integrity, individual uniqueness & dignity are the base values of Westricca‘s work culture.

Work Culture:

Our culture is open and inclusive; irrespective of your experience or gender you will immediately be welcomed into the team, and would always have a significant role to play. What sets Westricca apart is the support, encouragement and nurturing provided to you at every step… just like a family. Developmental Training is an integral part and ongoing process of our work culture. Our way of engaging our Distributors is by giving challenging assignments to raise his/her bar to excel.

The following words used in Business Opportunity shall have the meaning as defined as under

Business Volume (BV)

It is the value of a product on which the Sales Incentive is calculated. It can be seen on company's website. The BV of product may be equivalent to selling price or different as may be declared by the company from time to time. Business Volume can also be changed from time to time by the company.

Main leg (Group) and other leg / Legs (Group)

The leg (Group) with highest Business Volume is called main leg (Group) of Distributor. All the legs (Group) other than main leg (Group) are called other leg/legs (Group). Main leg (Group) may be different in different months.

Calculation of Sales Incentive on Generation Basis

If any Distributor (down line) of Distributor’s team buys any products for his/herself use from Westricca’s e – commerce portal or Shoppe then the Distributor earn on his/her repurchase up to 10th Generation.


Distributor who promote new person to become Distributor in his/her group termed as a Sponsor.


Just immediate up line of new applicant termed as a Parent.

How to become Distributor

Application form for becoming Distributor under Sponsor of any existing Distributor has to be submitted through internet and a print out of the same has to be sent to the company Office after signing it by applicant and two witnesses along with the necessary documents.

List of the documents to be submitted along with application form for becoming a Westricca Distributor

  • Passport size colour photograph.
  • Self attested photocopy of any of the following documents for photo identification & address proof.
    • Adhar Card
    • PAN Card
    • Voter's Identity Card
    • Driving License (Valid)
    • Written confirmation from the banks certifying identity proof
    • Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph
    • Central/State Government certified ID proof
    • Certification from any of the Authorities mentioned below
      • Panchayat Pradhan
      • Councilor
      • Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat
    • Passport.
    • Please note that expired passport cannot be used as address proof, it can be accepted as ID proof.
  • Cancelled original signed cheque which has the name printed of account holder or original Bank statement issued and attested by bank for the proof of Bank Account Number.

There is no charge for registration as a Distributor. After scrutiny of the application form and documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Distributor, a Unique Username & Password will be given on website. After receiving the login credentials, members have to update his/her personal information on Website.

Highlights Of The Success Plan

Saving on consumption (Margin)

Saving on Consumption: - up to 20%

This is the amount you save being the difference between MRP and (DP) Distributor Price. Westricca offers a Saving of up to 20% on almost all products.

Please refer following example

  • 100 + 20 = 120

In a month, if you buy products worth 10,000 for self consumption from our E - Commerce site, you save up to 2,000 for yourself.

Repurchase generation income

Repurchase Generation Plan: -

If any distributor of your team buy any products for his/herself use from our e – commerce portal then you earn up to 5% on his/her repurchase.

Please refer following example:-

  • 1st Generation = you earn 5% on repurchase
  • 2nd to 7th Generation = 2% on repurchase
  • 8th to 10th Generation = 1% on repurchase

Car Fund
House Fund
Family Fund
Life Style Fund

The above fund distributes to the Distributors who eligible* for the particular funds under the different criteria’s on the basis of company turnover percentage*.

*(T & C apply)